At 6:10pm, I woke up to a short, loud sound. It was Olachi, she was awake and with the look of things I presume she was about to go out. She was elegantly dressed. I got up from the bed and walked into the toilet. While in the toilet I remembered the disappointing incident that occurred before I slept. I still felt waxy about it. When I got out of the toilet, i went into the kitchen in search of what to eat. I found a leftover portion of the rice I made last night. I microwaved it and as I was nibbling the rice, Olachi left the room without saying goodbye. The slam sound of the door made me fidget and the plate of rice in my hands almost fell off. With a glumy face I muttered “idiot, animal”.

When I was done eating and was watching a popular Tv reality show: Keeping up with the Kardanshians. My phone rang. It was an unknown contact, at first I did not want to pick up. When I finally answered the call, I tried to sound sweet. “Who is this please” I said.
“This is Hillary, silly head” said a lovely masculine voice. Immediately I remembered the caller.
Let me give a brief introduction here: Hillary was some guy I met online over a month ago. He is a cute stud, the kind of guy every lady would want to have and he resides in Lagos. During the call, Hillary told me he was in owerri and he would like us to spend the night together.

I refused at first saying I was traveling to Enugu state that night. And I was at the bus park already waiting for my bus to take off. He did not say much after my ambiguous reply. He only asked what transportation company I was using and I told him. When the call was over, I began to laugh. I was such a bad liar, I was never good at it.
He called back few minutes later laughing.
“What’s funny” I asked.
“Why did you lie to me” He replied.
“Am parked in front of the transportation company, come say hello to me before your bus takes off” he added.
I was confused on what to reply so I hanged up the call. I have come to like Hillary over the month we have been chatting. He was a lively man, a bit funny and seems focused. Uncertain about how our first time meeting face-to-face would be, we still anticipated it. But this was so abrupt. We chatted a week ago and he never made mention of him coming down to owerri any time soon.
“He wanted it to be a surprise. Don’t be stupid, you better call him back” I told myself.
So, I sent a text message to him:
Sorry I lied, I was angry and i didn’t
want to go anywhere tonight. can
you come pick me..
He called few seconds after my text and I gave him the directions to my hostel.
“Get set, i will be there in 30mins” he said.
I hurried into the bathroom, had a quick shower and dashed out immediately. “I pray he is as lovely in person” i said to myself.
While I was moisturizing my face, my phone rang. It was Mr Daniel. My heart began to pound so loudly I feared it would jump out of my skin. “Why is he calling? Has he changed his mind about the dinner?” When I answered the call at the second buzz, I tried to sound normal. “Hello good evening sir” I said in a fumbling voice.
He only wanted to know how I was faring and to further apologize for the disappointment earlier. I placed my phone on the bed after the call. As I was about to wear my left earring, my phone rang again. “Nah me be hotline bling today o” I said before looking at the caller ID. It was Hillary this time.
“Hey, are you set? I’m in front of your street”
“Yes! a minute. I will be right out”
I went over to the mirror to survey myself. I was wearing a black Versace crop top, a blue ripped jeans and a yellow, flat heel rope sandal to blend with my yellow channel bag. I was certain I looked beautiful. With a quicksilver motion I grabbed my scarf from the bed and dashed out of the room.


When I got outside, I found out it was drizzling. I had to run slightly down the road to avoid my new braids getting wet and smelly much later.
The road was really busy, it was a Friday. And big boys were trooping in and out of hostels to pick up their “babes”.
As I was about to cross when the road became less busy, Hillary called me.
“Hello, are you out now?” he asked
“Yes. I’m about crossing the road”
“What color are you wearing?”
“I’m not wearing a lurid color aside my sandal” I said.
“Okay, look straight.. I can see you” he said.
I saw him standing in front of his car waving. I felt the rush of adrenaline at the sight of him. And immediately, I crossed over to where he was. He was smiling at me, I smiled back at him. A shy and brief smile it was. I avoided his eyes at first, but when I finally looked into them, they shone like the stars.
“Finally I meet Nneka.. How are you?”
“Funny! I am fine” I said fumbling with my fingers.
He walked over to the other side of the car to help me with the door.
“Hmm! a gentle man indeed” I thought.
When he got into the car, I noticed he was smiling the whole time.
“What’s the cause of his smile.. Is my makeup not blended well?”
It was a bit dark. And I couldn’t tell the make of his car. But with the interior, I concluded it was an expensive one.
“You look prettier in person than on photos” He said.
“Thank you Hills”

When we got to Kilimanjaro, he parked in front of the eatery.
“what can I get you?”
I made my choice of semo and egwusi soup and anything drinkable.
Before I could finish talking, Hillary began to laugh.
“What’s funny?” I asked
“I wasn’t expecting to hear that.. I never knew slay queens do eat swallow” he said.
I began to laugh too.
“Jerk, firstly I’m not a slay queen.. And secondly I love my swallow” I replied.
He got down from the car and walked into the eatery. I sat still in the car smiling. “He was really lovely in person”
A thought came into my mind. “What if he was a philanderer? or a sexist?” I immediately waved the thoughts off as I saw him stepping out of the eatery with two fully packed, plastic bags in his hands. “He couldn’t be any of those horrible personality. He was a fine-manly-neat-youngman.
As he entered the car, I gave him a shy smile. “Next stop, my house” he said looking at me. He then started the ignition, reversed and zoomed off.


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