Benstix releases new EP, ‘Gorilla Vibez’


Benstix’s 7 track EPGorilla Vibez’ is the follow-up to his trending track, Fire Dancer,’ which was released last month.


The Nigerian afrobeat’s superstar Benstix has released his new EP Gorilla Vibez, which is a seven-track project where the artist shows that “Life” and “Fire Dancer” were not just beginner’s luck. Gorilla Vibez showcases such tracks as “Far Away”, “Intoxicating” and “Enemies Closer”, which the title says exactly what it is about. The overall theme of the EP is about Love & Betrayal with some genuine afrobeat vibez oozing out the speakers that any fan would instantly be drawn to, love and vibe with always.


The opening track “Fire Dancer,” which is guaranteed to be the EP’s lead single. This is because this track comes across with a vibe that touches the soul, with beats that has you moving through its sound. In fact, this song is already trending on both Spotify and iTunes catching vibes never heard before, “she wan give me love o...”. In the lyrics the artist reflects on his love for someone over a smooth afrobeat vibe, serenading his listeners and delivering his message in style, “She’s a fire dancer, won’t give me no love”, which we think means his love for her is unconditional.


The following track ‘Far Away,’ continues about how he can feel the presence of her even though she’s miles away from him. It leaves us asking the question, who is this lover? Don’t you want to find out and get to know this lover? We’re excited to find out and you should too. It leaves us wondering is this even a woman or does it go deeper on a spiritual level, who knows? Is this track a love story about two souls that have been trying to find each other again and again for thousands of years through many generations? Once again, who knows? We will let you be the judge on this one and decide for yourselves.


The track “Intoxicating” is intoxicating, “Girl your body doper than cigarette…”, he’s clearly extremely intoxicated by this lover and doesn’t want to call her his ex but is deeply connected to her. This magical tune featuring Rock Wyler, merges two musical cultures together to create a song that has the potential to be a standout track from the EP. Overall, Intoxicating is a spicy mix that blends with the rest of the tracks on the Gorilla Vibez EP.


This EP is loaded with more catchy songs that you’ll be singing, dancing, loving and generally just vibing to from the very first listen. Enjoy!


Artist: Benstix

EP Title: Gorilla Vibez

Genre: afrobeats, afropop, world

Date of Release: 26th October 2019

Label: Luxus Records

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