The album Afroseries EP is the very first album accorded to Terri. He has released singles but Afroseries marks his very first album written and performed by him.


The album was released on the 1st of May 2020 under the Starboy label. The album is called Afroseries because it comprises of a series of different afro beats put together as a whole. The album is a fusion of jazz, soul, subtle reggae and afro pop. Afroseries EP album is centered around the themes of love and intimacy and hope for a good tomorrow.

 Historical Background of Terri

Terry Daniel Akewe, a Nigerian singer, songwriter and performer- one of the fastest rising artist in the entertainment industry popularly known as Terri Starboy was born in Lagos but hails from Edo state. He was born on the 27th May 1999, the eldest of four siblings and graduated from Lagos State University.He is signed under the label Starboy and popularly known with the afro-pop, R&B and Hip Hop genres of music.

His love for music goes way back to his secondary days, where he was part of a group that won a talent hunt in 2013 – ‘The City People Talent Hunt’. His musical career kick started fully when he did a cover of Wizkid’s song “Oshe”in December 2017, posted on Instagram and tagged Wizkid and a couple of other celebrities. The cover he did got Wizkid’s attention and he took interest in him, picked him up and started training himafter which he got signed in to the Starboy record label in February 2018 and has then been making waves in the industry ever since. He has amassed fans to himself and is loved and appreciated by many. His first single “Bia” was released in September 2018. He has a couple of songs to his credit like “shuu”, “soco” which he sang alongside CeazaMilli,Sotless and Wizkid, “on me”, “same you”, “Non-stop” and of course “bia”. His Net worth is estimated to be $20, 000.


 The Afroseries EP Album

The album Afroseries EP which was released on the 1st of May 2020 is already a hit and gone viral; in less than 24 hours of release, the album had over 740,000 streams across nations. All songs in the album were written and performed by him. The album was produced by Tuzi, Blaise and Wizkid and mix by STG. The album has a total of seven songs in the album namely: Wake up, My Chest, Balance, Doo, Ojoro, Ode and Kill man.

  • “Wake up” is the first song in the afro series album. It’s a wakeup call to everyone not to just sit there waiting for something big to come, one must struggle to have his/her place and in the process be thankful for little favors.  The song has a mix of cool instrumentals and good beats to get you grooving with deep messages in it.
  • In the song “My Chest”, Terri sings of a lady whom he wants to have an intimate relationship with. He knows every other guy like him are looking for a lady like her, so he sings to beckon on her to let him be her man and she his lady.
  • “Balance”is a cool jazz reggae mix. Terri sings of a lady, he calls ‘super woman’ because she has the power to turn any man into her ‘slave’ with her seductress body and ability. So, he wants to be the first to get the keys to her heart and she also controls the key to his own heart.He wants her not just for the night but for himself alone. It’s a song that will get you thinking of romantic date nights with your lover.
  • “Doo”is the fifth song in the album and which was produced bylambeats and mixed and mastered by STG. Doo is a love Terri sang to his lover. He is so in love with her that he doesn’t care what people think or say of him, all he knows is that he loves his baby and without her, his life won’t be complete and be able to function. He boosts of her that she is his happiness and the world knows that for a fact.
  • “Ojoro”will definitely get your feet and body moving to beats of the song. Ojoro is pidgin English that means to cheat or manipulate someone into doing something. The song talks about a lady he met; everything about her and everything she does seem to be manipulative and luring him to get closer to her and it is all ‘ojoro’ to him, but of course he likes that kind of ‘ojoro’.
  • “Ode”would get you thinking and reminiscing on life with the calm afro beats sinking in and helping you find meaning to life. Terri expresses in the song that you should live your life, do what you can because no one is sure of tomorrow, live to the fullest. The smartest and wisest tend to make it out there, so one must be all that to find a sure way to life and live.
  • “Kill man” is the seventh and last song of the Afroseries EP album, produced by Blaise beats. This is soft afro pop that will get you swaying to its cool beat.


In conclusion…

Terri is on his way to becoming the next big thing in the entertainment industry; he has warmed the hearts of his fans through this hit of an album and is sure going to do more to remain at the very top.

What do you think?

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